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4 surprising reasons a bra irritates your skin


ANDAs a year has passed, with many of us kissing bras goodbye (and many of us have banned breast shackles forever), almost every piece of underwear seems at least somewhat unnatural. But sometimes it goes beyond your pandemic desire to relax your breasts. Sometimes a bra really irritates your skin, causing serious dermatological problems.

And your bra can be pretty tricky in the way it does it! While there are reliable suspects when it comes to uncomfortable bras, sometimes your underwear can ruin you that you never knew existed. Below, two dermatologists discuss the different ways your bra can cause skin problems.

Does the bra irritate your skin? That’s why

1. Bra straps can cause various dermatological problems.

“Under the straps of your bra, there can be a fungal rash that occurs quite often during the spring months and that can be severely irritated when rubbed, called versicolor,” says Nava Greenfield, MD, of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York. Generally speaking, it can cause slight skin discoloration, mild itching, and some sort of flaking. While it’s okay, if the fungal infection gets out of control, you can get the dermis checked and get a prescription for an antifungal cream.

And if you notice rashes on your shoulders that do not correspond to this description, perhaps something else is to blame. “You may have a contact allergy to rubber, if any, on the straps of your bra or on fabric,” says Dr. Greenfield.

2. Broken wire is more than an aesthetic problem.

The other day, with the courage of a thousand-year-old Jeanne d’Arc, she put on a bra with cups. In the middle of the day said that the bra courage for the wire to pop out and poke at me for hours. A popping wire can definitely cause eye irritation and physical irritation, but there is another reason to throw away your bra if you can’t put it back in.

“An open underwire bra can cause a nickel allergy rash,” says Dr. Greenfield.

3. Sweat under the subcutaneous layer can cause a rash.

One of the reasons to hate hot summers: the tragedy of sweat under your breasts. Busty girls understand how frustrating this problem is, but if you don’t stay dry, it can turn into something really frustrating. “The buildup of sweat and moisture under the breasts near the bra line can lead to a rash called diaper rash, which can be painful and annoying,” says Dr. Greenfield.

What’s more, board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, adds that your sweaty bra can even cause a yeast infection over time. FYI, buying a cooling, sweat-wicking bra during the hot months was a game-changer for this 32DD girl.

4. Perhaps your morning workout will create sports bra-style breasts.

While we’re on the subject of breast sweat, let’s discuss how often we should change our bra. If you’ve just done a serious workout and lounged around in your yoga bra, here’s the bad news: “Rubbing your sports bra can cause pimples,” says Dr. Gohara.

While friction is inevitable, if you are exercising, it means that you should remove your bra as soon as possible when you’re done. Also make sure you are wearing the right size if you experience some sort of choking that can lead to accumulation of sweat and fat. And if you need skin care, there are a variety of products to help you get rid of chest acne; I know that I enjoyed developing my own décolleté breast exfoliation procedure.


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