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6 summer lip balms to keep your lips hydrated


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Hot Girl Summer Part 2 is coming, and if you’ve waxed, waxed and ready to chill out, be sure to bring the right lip balm with you. Chapped, sun-tanned lips really aren’t perfect when we’re this close to kissing people again. Your lips don’t have sebaceous glands, so they can’t moisturize themselves, which sounds like evolutionary oversight, but a New Haven-based dermatologist Mona GoharaThe M.D. says that there are two important ingredients to look out for when shopping for lip balms for the summer that can fix this.

Drumroll: She says SPF and antioxidants are two important ingredients to look out for when choosing a summer lip balm. SPF will help protect your lips from the sun, and antioxidants will provide additional UV protection in addition to skin repair. “Be sure to protect your lips from the stronger UV rays,” says Dr. Gohara. Here are six summer lip balms you can buy right now.

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This balm provides SPF 30 protection and is formulated with a nourishing gel containing antioxidant-rich honey and sunflower oil, and moisturizing shea butter.

Prepare your lips for kissing again with this mega-nourishing SPF 30 balm. An ultra-strong, fragrance-free formula designed for sensitive skin.

The beloved Fresh Lip Balm comes in a variety of colors that give your lips a beautiful tint, which greatly helps distract people from the fact that your lower face is still a little rusty from the corresponding facial expressions when you’re not wearing a mask. A blend of sugar and nutritious oils (such as meadow foam) helps prevent and repair cracked lips.

The creamy, tinted formula of this cruelty-free vegan, reef-safe balm contains minerals that block harmful sunlight from reaching your skin. As an added bonus, all five cheerful shades of this balm are truly beautiful.

If you know that, despite being an adult, you are not yet responsible enough to have a trendy lip balm because you will inevitably lose it within the first 36 hours, try this more economical tint balm.

Hyaluronic Acid and CBD are a strong pair when it comes to hydration, and they are two superstar ingredients in this stick. The texture is soft, easy to apply, lightweight and incredibly nourishing at the same time. HoweverWhile it does contain a buffet of antioxidants, it does not have an SPF, making it a good addition to your day-to-day nighttime skincare routine.


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