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7 best bucket hats for serious sun protection and style


For for years, bucket hats have been fired for not being cool. They were hats that your mom pulled over your ears before going to high school, or with a chin strap, and they were a symbol of classic fishing. Recently, this is far from the case. The bucket hats have officially gone from being silly to the “don’t think I can open Instagram without seeing ten” category. While trendy it girls like Queen RiRi and Bella Hadid may have revived a style made famous by ’90s street style icons and hip-hop performers, the best thing about bucket hats isn’t just that they’re trendy. Because they have wide, round fields, they also provide serious protection from the summer sun.

In accordance with Elizabeth Hale, M.D., a certified dermatologist at CompleteSkinMD and vice president Skin Cancer FoundationIt is really important for people to realize that besides sunscreen, there are other measures that can be taken to protect against UV rays, such as wearing hats and sunglasses outdoors. “Hats provide an easy way to protect your face from the sun and also protect the vulnerable scalp, which is a common area for skin cancer,” explains Dr. Hale.

Sure, wearing any hat is better than not wearing it at all, but what makes bucket hats so great is that, unlike a baseball cap, they provide 360-degree protection. “In an ideal world, hats would shade your ears, sides of your face and the back of your neck, which are very common areas of squamous cell carcinoma. The wider the fields, the better, ”says Dr. Hale. Choosing the best hat for your sports this summer, the best options for optimal sun protection are those that are light in color to reflect the sun’s rays so you stay cool, and have a UPF (UV protection factor) of 50 or higher. Scroll down to find 7 of the best sports bucket hats this summer for serious sun protection.

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Green Ssense Pushbutton Bucket Hat – $ 265.00


A cotton twill number with a chin strap and metal hat grommets in the style of an OG fisherman, while still being very streetwear. The color is eye-catching for the warmer months, with a 3.75-inch brim making it wide enough to ensure your nose is protected from rays, and the elastic strap means you can take your hat off inside without fear of losing it. since it can hang around your neck.

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Lululemon Both Ways Bucket Hat – $ 48.


Whether you’re running for business or a long hike, this hat is made for many days on the road. This lightweight, unisex reversible bucket hat is available in five unique color duos and three sizes so there is a choice for everyone, and the fabric wicks away sweat and dries quickly, making it perfect for the hot summer months.

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Color Wave Bucket Hat – $ 99


If you really want to capture the retro vibe that made the bucket hat famous, this zebra piece is here to make a name for itself. The terry fabric is very reminiscent of 90s fashion and makes the hat very light and slouchy, so it’s easy to throw in your bag when you’re on the go.

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Adidas Washed Bucket Hat – $ 30.


Reviewers call this sporty bucket hat “the perfect hat to bring a spring and summer vibe!” The Trefoil logo is classic and the worn look is perfect for everyday wear. The best part is that Adidas cotton products support sustainable cotton growing in an effort to get rid of plastic waste.

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Will + Bear Fischer Sand – $ 69


Crafted from a durable cotton fabric that will last for a long time, this casual hat is loose-fitting. It comes in three sizes, but the site also offers a hat filling option if you’re in between sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

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LL Bean H2Off Rain Bucket Hat – $ 45


Paddington knew what he was doing with his waterproof signature jewelry. This waterproof bucket hat is perfect for protecting your eyes and skin from UV rays on sunny days, but also perfect for protection in the rain.

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