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A First Look at FaceGym Skin Care: Preparation, Workout, Recovery | Good + Good


WWhen you are planning your fitness schedule and deciding which days to devote to which muscle groups, do not forget about the ones that are present on your face. According to Inge Theron, founder of the organization, exercise above the neck stimulates blood circulation and collagen production, improves the lymphatic drainage system (your body’s natural detoxification network) and accelerates cell renewal. FaceGym which has studios in New York, London and Los Angeles. She is a pioneer in non-invasive facial workouts to shape your face, and she just launched a new line of highly effective FaceGym Skincare products: Prep, Train, Recover so you can train your facial muscles from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Similar to a high-intensity workout, it uses self-massage techniques such as flexing, pinching, and whipping, and four foods that allow your face to warm up, go through a cardio period, and then cool down. And, as with other home workouts, there is online classes you can follow him.

Realizing that in any new routine – fitness or otherwise – consistency is key, Theron focused on the simplicity of her new line of skincare. “We can all take 5-10 minutes to invest in ourselves and our skin,” she says. “And because you can see results instantly, and they only get better over time, you are more motivated to follow the steps and movements that accompany them.”

At the various stages of the FaceGym Skincare: Prep, Train, Recover includes the following products, which are all beautifully packaged (hello #shelfie ?!), recyclable and reusable, and are the result of three years of research and development.

Each one is designed to energize your face because Theron is a firm believer in skincare that doesn’t have to be sleepy. You can keep these revitalizing masks overnight.


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