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Best moisturizing toner according to the dermis


WWhen the cold weather sets in, it means it’s time to supplement your skin care with moisturizing ingredients to prevent dryness caused by winter. During this time of year, we often talk about swapping out exfoliating cleansers for more moisturizing ones and swapping out lighter lotions for heavier creams. Another spot in your routine that deserves a seasonal replacement? Your toner.

Historically, tonics have had a reputation for drying out because many of the original formulas were made with alcohol, but a new class of this category is replete with moisturizing options that have the opposite effect on your skin. “Avoid using any witch hazel or alcohol toner that can strip your skin of the protective layers of essential lipids and proteins that trap irritants and moisturize your skin,” says Mona Gohara, MD, a Connecticut dermatologist. “They can destroy the skin barrier that is essential for healthy skin.”

Instead, you should look for toners that can moisturize your skin, especially at this time of year when dry skin is a serious problem. Favorite OTC choice of Dr. Gohara? Vichy Purete Thermal Perfecting Toner ($ 18). It is made from glycerin, which is one of the most popular skin care products. most moisturizing ingredients that deserve a place at every step of your winter routine. It acts as a moisturizer by absorbing moisture into your skin, which means any moisturizing products you put on top of it will be able to better penetrate underneath its surface. It is also filled with thermal water, which soothes and nourishes your complexion and works on all skin types.

After washing your face, apply the toner to clean, dry skin and then apply your favorite serums and moisturizer to it. It’s great to use in the morning or evening, and while toning isn’t necessarily an “important” step, Dr. Gohara calls it the “cherry on top” of any good procedure. And at $ 18 a piece, this choice seems like a cherry to be invested in.

In store: Vichy Purete Thermal Perfecting Toner, $ 18.

Have more questions about toner? Watch the video below.

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