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Derma skin care treatment for 35 year old women


IIt is a fact of life that as we age, our skin begins to change. And the time when this tends to happen in earnest is around the age of 30. Although the aging process is different for everyone, by the time most of us turn 35, there are more visible shifts, so build a skin care regimen. that maintains your complexion and its ever-changing texture is vital.

“You are losing collagen, which gives the skin its structure, elastin, which makes the skin ‘firm’, starts to soften and your skin does not flake off as quickly as it used to because cell turnover slows down,” says Sheila Farhang. MD, board certified dermatologist and founder of Avant Dermatology in Arizona. “Because of this loss of tissue, the skin starts to look duller depending on how the light falls from it.”

The dermis have consistently touted retinol as a must-have in their daily lives because it stimulates cell turnover, but there are two alternative ingredients that Dr. Farhang suggests adding to your arsenal instead: antioxidants for protection and peptides to boost collagen levels. Good news? You don’t have to spend serious money on a dozen products to give your skin what it needs because VERSED, which is available at Target, has just added two new formulas to its list that will give you both $ 50 each.

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First is the Autosave Advanced Restoring Serum ($ 25), which acts as a “daytime retinol equivalent,” firming skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It is made from microalgae, which, according to Dr. Farhang, “brightens and moisturizes the skin and also provides proteins for collagen formation.” It is also loaded with antioxidants, which should not be discussed in the daily life of anyone, regardless of age. “Free radicals from the sun and pollution damage our cells, and you want to be able to protect those cells with antioxidants, and this is where phloretin and ferulic acid come into play in the formula,” she says. By using antioxidants, you can help curb oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which can help your body “stop” the formation of new wrinkles.

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Then comes the Recovery Mode Advanced Night Cream ($ 25), which helps your skin repair itself while you sleep. It’s made from the same microalgae as its daytime crime partner, plus caffeinated green coffee and chlorogenic acid to strengthen your skin. “This is truly a product for your good aging,” says Dr. Farhang. Overall, the formula aids in cell repair and is inferior to retinol as it is non-irritating and safe enough to use during pregnancy. Just add SPF and you are on your way to winning the decade.

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Want to know about collagen? Watch the video below to see what the dermis has to say about it.

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