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Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Resurf Serum * Works *


WWhen Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer was released in 2018, Tiffany Masterson threw a party in his honor at New York’s Rose Bar at the Gramercy Hotel, a frequent A-lister hangout where celebrity portraits hang on the walls in immense splendor. It was a bit of an omen for Masterson, who knew her new moisturizer was about to join the ranks of the superstars. And in just three short years, the peptide cream did just that, taking the place of the bestseller on the Sephora website, capturing the hearts and complexions of thousands of people and becoming the brand’s best product. And today Drunk Elephant announced a serum version of the moisturizer that should be an even bigger workhorse in your daily life: Protini Polypeptide Resurf Serum.

With the Drunk Elephant website launched tomorrow (and Sephora shelves on April 1), the brand’s newest serum uses a blend of 11 complexion firming peptides, plant-based growth factors, amino acids and lactic acid. This concentrated blend does a great job of polishing, evening out skin tone, eliminating fine wrinkles, sun damage and enlarged pores, while leaving it smooth and radiant. Piece of cake, right? “We wanted to get the same benefits that raise the barrier. [as the Protini cream] into other areas of daily life, “says Masterson. To increase the barrier, she has come up with an innovative new formula that largely acts as a one-stop treatment for the skin.

This product is unique in that it contains a mild exfoliating ingredient (lactic acid) combined with healing ingredients (peptides, amino acids and plant-derived growth factors). Dermatologists are quick to tell patients that in order for these healing ingredients to penetrate the skin and start working, it is necessary to remove the dead cells on the skin’s surface. “I always like to experiment a little with each product, kind of a little advantage in each product,” Masterson says. “I just thought this was a really good time to add some lactic acid. Because in this way you can get the dead skin cells out of the way by exfoliation, it moisturizes and then everything can be absorbed even better. ”

Coming soon: Drunk Elephant Protini Revitalizing Serum with Polypeptide, $ 82.

Coming soon: Drunk Elephant Protini Revitalizing Serum with Polypeptide, $ 82.

Once the dead skin cells are removed, the peptides can penetrate the skin and promote collagen production in the skin. Around the time we turn 30, the collagen and elastin stores in the skin begin to deplete. Humidity levels drop and we begin to see fine lines and wrinkles that begin to accumulate on our faces. Considering we live most of our lives with skin after age 30, adding these ingredients to our skin can be a powerful way to extend skin’s lifespan throughout our lives. “Peptides are messengers that increase the activity of your skin cells and perform different functions depending on the specific peptide,” Joshua Zeichner, MD, a New York-based dermatologist, previously told Well + Good. Because this serum contains 11 different signal peptides, it can provide skin with many benefits, from moisturizing to brightening skin.

When I try the serum on myself, I find it is light and not sticky at all, as I have found some peptide serums. I use it in the morning and evening for a week, then apply moisturizer and SPF in the morning, and moisturizer and sometimes glycolic serum at night. What I especially love about him is that he does his job calmly and coolly without making my skin react and redden like other healing serums. Within a week, my skin becomes softer and brighter, and considering Protini is my main moisturizer that has significantly improved my hyperpigmentation over time, I have no doubt that I will see even more by continuing to use the serum. benefits to come.

When it comes to improving the condition of your skin, compliance is the most important element in every daily routine. So while I sometimes like the hour modes, they don’t fit very well into my daily life. Masterson has created her line of products that work with skin in more than one way so you can show off on the go. “I don’t believe in trends. I think what is true for skin health today has always been true, and what we will continue to rely on as Drunk Elephant, ”says Masterson. Today, tomorrow, forever, the light-hearted skincare line is ready to go and the latest product is a reminder of that credo.


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