Easy Ways to Move Applications From HP to Laptop


easy way to move cellphone apps to laptop

The Sultan is back, guys. The topic that the sultan wants to bring this time is how to easily transfer applications from a cellphone to a laptop. Are you ready? Okay, follow the sultan, okay?

Easy Ways to Move Applications From HP to Laptop/PC

Oh yes, before that you have to make sure that your Android phone or tablet must have the WiFi feature because the application that you will transfer later must be connected to WiFi. What the Sultan knows is that if the Gingerbread version of Android gadgets and above, the WiFi feature is an obligation.

Well, before you transfer your application to your laptop or PC, your cellphone must have a WiFi File transfer application via the Google Play Store. Actually, you can download other similar applications, but Sultan is more familiar with this application, it’s free again :D.

The following features are available in the WiFi File Transfer application:
1.Upload or download multiple files at once
2.Upload the entire folder structure (Google Chrome only)
3.Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files using the built-in file manager interface
4.Authenticate password (optional)
5.Shortcuts to video, photo and music folder
6.Can run as a background service
7.You can view photos directly from your web browser
8. There is an autostart service when connected to the home network
9.Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices
10.Able to work when the device is in hotspot mode

Easy Ways to Move Apps From Android to Computer

Okay, after you know the features of the WiFi File Transfer application, now is the time for you to open the application. After you enter WiFi File Transfer, touch the start button on the main screen of the application. After that you will find the url Then type the url into your browser. Maybe the url address is not the same as the one Sultan got, so just follow the url that appears on your Android.

Next, you will see a display in your browser all the files that you download or save on your Android gadget. Well, you just have to choose which one you want to transfer from your Android gadget to your laptop. As Sultan mentioned earlier, this WiFi File Transfer application can work behind the scenes which means you can do other activities on your Android phone without a lost connection. You can stop the connection between your laptop and your Android phone with the stop button.

Well, that’s the Sultan’s description of how to easily transfer files from HP to laptop/PC. Please try guys!

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