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Favorite Editor ZIIP Face Tool with 20% Off Now


I I’m notoriously embarrassed about needles, but since it’s been * too many * years since my twenties, my skin needs more intervention than any serum or cream can promise. Introducing ZIIP, a facial tool that uses well-researched microcurrent technology to shape, tighten, remove lint and tone your face. swear the skincare gods I can’t live without. And in the luxurious beauty boutique Violet Gray, a 20% discount right now.

ziip-facial-tool-black friday

Buy now: ZIIP Nano Current Device, $ 396 ($ 495 value)

The device, created by beautician Melanie Simon, is paired with an app that offers many customizations to suit different needs. The microcurrent then solves skin problems, in particular by stimulating collagen and improving blood circulation.

My particular “problem” (I use quotation marks because normal human faces are okay!) Is drooping. But with regular use of spare parts, I see a noticeable difference, especially along the chin line. It also helps to even out and brighten my skin tone, which tends to be rosy and blotchy. (So many thanks to my English / Scottish heritage).

The device also helps to get rid of acne, reduce the appearance of tired or baggy eyes, and more. And while this is definitely an investment, it is also 100 percent the future of skin care and works wonders accordingly. Check out what happens when one of our editors tries it here:

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