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How to Clean an HP Camera (Photos Are Shiny!)


Knowing how to clean a cellphone camera is necessary. The camera lens on your cellphone is very easy to get dirty like getting dust and stains from your hands. But you don’t need to worry because it’s very easy to clean. You can use canned air spray to help remove dust and finger marks and clumpy stains can be cleaned using a microfiber cloth. However, if the camera stain is on the inside of the lens, then inevitably you have to go to an authorized cellphone technician to clean it because if you open the cellphone yourself without sufficient knowledge, the risk of internal damage can be very large.

1. Cleaning the HP Camera from Dust

To clean your cellphone camera from dust, you can buy canned air spray that does not contain chemical additives. You can get it at the nearest hardware store or you can buy it online. Choose products that use only air without adding any chemicals. Then, as is known that your cellphone camera is indeed very well protected, but you also don’t want to take the risk of damaging it. Air spray can blow wind very strong so you must leave a distance when spraying at least 30 cm. Spray until you see that there is no more dust stuck to it.

How to Clean HP Camera

2. Cleaning the HP Camera from Fingerprints and Smudges

If you find finger marks or other stains on the cellphone camera, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean it. You can buy microfiber cloth at the nearest department store as well as online. The texture of this type of cloth can easily clean finger marks and stains on your cellphone camera. Gently wipe the surface of the cellphone camera using a microfiber cloth, and repeat several times as needed if you still see any stains attached. You don’t need to use cleaning products that contain chemicals, because in some cases, these chemicals can damage the camera lens. Use only microfiber cloth without any additives including water.

How to Clean HP Camera

3. Keeping it Clean

After the camera lens is clean, now your job is to keep it clean for a long time. For this you can apply the following tips. First, when you put your cellphone, place it with the camera facing up. This can prevent the lens from coming into direct contact with dirty surfaces that could also contaminate the lens. Then the second, when you store your cellphone in a bag or pants pocket, make sure your cellphone is not in the same place with other destructive items such as keys that can scratch the camera lens. Finally, you can use a case that can not only protect the cellphone screen, but also the camera lens.

How to Clean HP Camera

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