How to Mute iPhone Camera Sound (Quick and Effective)


Please calm! Maybe with this warning, you want to be able to or want to know how to turn off your iPhone camera sound. For iPhone users, you may already be familiar with the camera on the cellphone. Every time you take a photo, there’s always a shutter sound that follows. Maybe the sound makes your cellphone sound unique and feels like an analog camera when taking pictures. However, not all situations can accept camera sounds like that because sometimes it can sound impolite to take pictures with such a very attention-grabbing sound. In this article, Sultan will share a way to easily turn off the camera sound so you can still take photos without disturbing others.

Using the Mute Switch

The easiest way to turn off the camera sound is to use the ring/silent switch found on the iPhone at the top left side. When you turn on the silent switch, you will feel your iPhone vibrate and the switch will show an orange stripe. Apart from that, you should also know that this step will turn off all notification sounds, incoming calls, and other alerts.

Turn iPhone Volume Down

What will you do if the switch is not working properly? If the switch on your iPhone is damaged or doesn’t work normally for some reason, then turning down the iPhone volume can be an alternative solution to the problem. However, if you turn down the volume when you’re opening the camera app, your iPhone will capture images in continuous or burst mode. If you want to use the camera without sound, then you can turn down the iPhone volume before you open the camera. Press the volume down button several times until it shows a sign that your iPhone will not make sound.

State Prohibition

Did you know that some countries in the world prohibit cellphone manufacturers from providing an option for users to turn off the camera sound, or in other words, the camera sound must remain on at all times? In countries like Japan and Korea, all smartphones must make a sound when the user takes a picture through the camera. So, if you are in that country or bought an iPhone from that country, then even if you turn on the silent switch or turn down the volume, your camera will still sound when taking pictures.

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