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How to save money on beauty products: an editor’s view


IIf I’ve learned one thing over the past year, it’s that slowing down the pace of my ongoing life and allowing time to take care of myself is a huge win for my personal well-being. Shocker, I know.

I might have been late to this party, but as soon as I was there, I was broke: I turned my daily beauty regimen from something I was in a hurry through to something I relished. But as I developed my more robust (and seriously life-giving) daily routine, I realized very quickly that if I’m going to invest in making each trip to my counter in the bathroom feel like a day at the spa. I needed to get creative. figuring out how to save on beauty products.

If I was going to invest in making every trip to my vanity feel like a day at the spa, I would need to get creative when trying to figure out how to save money on beauty products.

My next lightbulb moment: The 21st Beauty Day event at Ulta Beauty, where you can get 50% off the daily theft of truly iconic products that never go on sale. To be honest, I scold myself for not thinking about this before (do you feel the topic?).

I did the math and buying the event (which runs from March 14th to April 3rd – check out the full calendar here) will save me over $ 160 on my beauty budget. And since I am saving so much money, I finally venture out on some of those products that everyone is talking about, which I always thought about adding to the cart, but never actually completed a purchase. Yes, I am describing the beauty jackpot.

Are you also wondering how to save on beauty products? Scroll down to see how I do it.


My main skin care products

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing has been my skincare mantra since I was first introduced around seventh grade (thanks, high school acne). Although the products I have used to complete my three-step method have changed over the years, you will always find a variation of this trio in my beauty salon.

During the 21 Beauty Days event, I obviously plan to grab one of each, but I take the opportunity to expand from the brands that currently live near my sink. I have updated versions of two products on my shopping list that I really started my skincare journey with years ago – and let me tell you, Clinique (only available March 27th) and Dermalogica (March 28th only) are for skincare skin. Enduring care for good reason. These products Work

I am also deeply in love with everything to do with Tula, so I’m thrilled to be able to pick up a new portion of Pro-Gycolic Toner (March 20 only), which I have been using for about a year. now and always leaves my skin super smooth, not tight or irritated like some tonics.

New additions

Now let’s move on to more unexplored territories for me: serums and eye pads. I recently started using my first ever retinol and tried myself in eye creams, but I never intended to make these next level products a part of my daily routine.

StriVectin Serum (March 17 only) brightens and smoothes skin all in one (thanks to vitamin C from acerola cherry and vitamin B-3 fortified retinol), and Skyn ‚Äč‚ÄčIceland eye pads (March 30 only) help deflate tired eyes in just 10 minutes. Personally, I’m happy to use them as my secret weapon to look more refreshed in my morning meetings.

My updated base layer

When it comes to makeup, I usually keep it pretty simple and often don’t use makeup at all, to be honest. But in the spirit of trying new things, I added these two iconic products to my shopping list to get a sense of what this is about.

Face Tape (April 2 only), which looks like the full version of the fan-favorite concealer, doesn’t disappoint with a vegan formula that glides on as easily as a selfie filter – with much the same effect. And bareMinerals finishing powder (March 30 only) brings it all together and also gives me a sunscreen that I always forget to wear.

Finishing touches

Mascara and eyebrow gel is what I need to feel more focused, and these two products have always been on my list of products I can try. Better Than Sex Mascara (March 20 only) has received nearly 15,000 five-star reviews for its Benefit Vegan Lengthening Formula and Brow Gel (March 26 only), both darkens and adds volume to the brows for a fuller, fuller look.

After one beauty shopping, I already feel like a personal care genius with a lot of fun products in my line and a lot of money in my pocket – and it’s a complete victory for my well-being.


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