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I have a love-hate relationship with the spots under my eyes. As someone with super dry skin, I love how these patches deliver an overdose of moisturizing ingredients right to my delicate skin under my eyes. But I don’t like that they are disposable and come in a disposable plastic wrap to keep them wet. Then I stumbled upon Consonant Skin + Care reusable eye masks and realized that my puzzle had come to an end.

Consonant Reusable Silicone Eye Mask is designed to transform your favorite eye cream, eye-friendly mask or serum into a mask.

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When using reusable eye masks, all you have to do is apply your product to the under eye area and cover with the mask. While the other eye patches you’re used to may be wet through and through, you shouldn’t add too much of them, as this can cause the mask to glide over your face. Plus, given how the mask works, you won’t need one.

S. Tyler Hollmig, MD, director of dermatological surgery at the University of Texas at Austin, explains that when you apply something – in this case an eye mask – to a skin care product, the active ingredients penetrate deeper. The dermis uses this process continuously in clinical practice.

“The skin is an incredibly large barrier. He does his job well; he stores things, including many medicines, ”says Dr. Hollmig. “And so if you just apply topical medicine to your skin, you are likely to get some absorption and some efficacy. If you put a topical product on your skin and then cover it, that is, wrap a film around it, put some kind of barrier to prevent evaporation, which would press it against the skin so that more gets inside.

Considering that these masks enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in caring for your skin, it is recommended to pair them with something gentle and moisturizing, such as Consonant Pure Unscented HydrExtreme Serum This serum is filled with water-loving ingredients glycerin and cassia narrow-leaved seeds, and when I tried it, left mine. the skin is moist and saturated.

These reusable eye masks feel a little heavier than disposable ones, but are still very comfortable to use. Once you’re done masking, simply wash them off with a mild soap (your cleanser will work for you) and let them air dry completely before placing them back in the reusable jelly bag.

For just $ 18, these patches, which you can use dozens and dozens of times, cost as much as two or three disposable under-eye masks. And knowing that I have 24/7 access to reusable under eye masks is amazing.


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