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Murad City Skin Age Defense is the most advanced sunscreen on the market.


BUTTalk to any dermatologist and they will tell you: the best thing you can do for your skin is to make sunscreen a daily habit. Not only before a sunny day on the beach, but also everyone. One. day… The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause everything from sun spots to skin cancer, and sunscreen is the best defense. (SPF 30 or higher, please.)

But the sun is not the only thing that irritates the skin. Another type of light can be just as risky and, unfortunately, just as inevitable. Blue light, a type of light emitted by LED screens such as those found on iPhones and laptops, can cause skin problems for example, hyperpigmentation, swelling, and redness.

After a year of working from home and living on Zoom calls, this is probably not the kind of news you want to hear. And when you work at a computer indoors, your skin is exposed to UVA, UVB and blue light. “UVB rays, which are the main cause of sunburn, are mostly blocked by window glass,” explains Zayn Hussein, M.D., FAAD, dermatologist and founder Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics of New Jersey. “But if you work near a window during the day, the UVA rays will still pass. This is the main cause of premature aging of the skin, causing phenomena such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. ”

To solve indoor and outdoor problems, Murad City Skin Age Defense SPF 50 ($ 68) protects the skin from UV and blue light. Despite being light to the touch, this sunscreen has serious effects. Dr. Hussein says its mineral composition likely makes it so effective against both types of light (most chemical sunscreens only work against UVA and UVB, not blue light). It also makes it so soft: “Mineral sunscreen also reduces the risk of allergies like contact dermatitis,” he says. So if you are prone to redness, breakouts, or inflammation, this could be for you.

While some mineral sunscreens become thick and chalky due to zinc and titanium oxides that protect the skin from harmful rays, City Skin Age Defense remains airy and light. It is soft and silky, easy to apply to the face and neck for an even, weightless effect. And don’t be fooled by its light peach shade. It blends seamlessly with a smooth, luminescent coating that soothes redness and evens out the color of almost any skin tone.

Yes, City Skin Age Defense looks amazing. But its protection from sunlight, indoor light and pollution is even more impressive. The reality is that you probably won’t be free of Zoom and Instagram calls anytime soon, so you might as well upgrade your SPF to a special blue light.


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