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Proper nutrition is essential if you want to stay healthy and fit. Those who train intensively with adidas Training should fill up their energy stores with the right foods – the ensures maximum success. These 9 foods give you strength and should be an integral part of your diet if you want to build muscle.

Top 9 foods for muscle building diets

1. Lenses

A bowl and spoon full of dried lentils

Legumes are real protein and fiber bombs. Lenses are for example particularly rich in protein. 100 g of the dry product provides about 25 g of protein. Their fiber content is also not to be sniffed at. Because 100 g already cover half of your daily requirement (30 g).

Do you actually know how much protein you need per day to build muscle? Calculate your protein requirements easily:

2. Eggs

Chicken eggs

Eggs are probably the classic Food in the muscle building diet. Rightly so! One chicken egg provides around 7 g of protein. In addition, its biological value is 100. What does that mean? The higher the biological value, the more similar the protein in the food is to the body protein and the better the body can convert it into muscle mass. For example, two hard-boiled eggs are an ideal post-workout snack.

3. Linseed oil

A bottle of linseed oil is next to a bowl of flaxseed

Athletes should rely on linseed oil. It’s extremely nutritious. Due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids, it keeps the heart and brain healthy and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Good to know:

For a longer shelf life, you should always store cold-pressed linseed oil in the refrigerator. When closed, the oil can be kept for up to 5 months. Once the bottle is open, you should use it as quickly as possible.

4. Quinoa

A bowl of quinoa salad with pumpkin

Quinoa is the ideal filling side dish for strength athletes. 100 g of this yield 15 g vegan protein. The grain is also special rich in magnesium (275 mg). The mineral plays a key role in muscle contraction.

5. ginger

Sliced ​​ginger

Ginger not only strengthens your immune system: The Asian root is said to improve blood circulation in the muscles (that helps against sore muscles!) and support the breakdown of lactate in muscle tissue. So you are always fit for the next training session.

6. Cottage cheese

A bowl of cottage cheese

Protein pancakes with cottage cheese are the perfect breakfast if you enjoy bodyweight training. Why? The dairy product is low in calories and delivers high quality protein and carbohydrates. Additionally contains cottage cheese the essential amino acid tryptophan. This leaves you better fall asleep. And if you want to perform properly, you should get enough sleep.

7. Coffee

a cup of espresso

How about a cup Coffee before exercise? The caffeinated drink increases blood pressure and pulse rate. This ensures that you can give even more during your workout. However, pay attention to the amount. An espresso is Recommended before a bodyweight training session. However, leave out the milk and sugar!

8. blueberriesA bowl full of blueberries

Small but mighty! Blueberries are low in calories. 100 g provide about 40 kcal. The purple berries also have an antioxidant effect. This means that they fight free radicals in the body, which is especially important with regular exercise. Blueberries taste particularly good in a smoothie or simply with oatmeal and Natural or soy yogurt mixed.

9. Walnuts

Fresh walnuts

Nuts and seeds are as food indispensable for building muscle. They are rich in protein, but also provide a lot of fat. Walnuts in particular score with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids.


A healthy selection of foods as well as an adequate caloric intake is for the muscle building diet at least as important as intensive training. If you regularly incorporate the above 9 foods into your menu, it stands strong muscles nothing more in the way.


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