Nutrition tips for runners


“On your marks, get set, go!!!” Before your 5 km run, half marathon or marathon starts, do you take care of yourself with pasta in the evening and before competing with one nutrient-rich breakfast. You may treat yourself to half a banana 20 minutes before the start.

This is a good start. If you want to improve your pace in a competition and also achieve your desired time (or even be faster) after the hard training, start paying attention to the energy supply during training. Because your diet during training is also crucial for a successful run.

At the Aalborg University in Denmark the following was found: amateur runners * reached the finish line of a marathon faster if they had developed a professional nutrition strategy for before and during the run. They relied on energy and fluid intake during the competition and ran the marathon faster by an average of 10:55 minutes.


So pay attention to your diet during the training phase and do (even more) meters!

Pre-workout nutrition

  • More power through mint
    Add a few fresh mint leaves to your water every day 10 days before the starting gun. Mint not only boosts your fat burning, but also brings more power.
  • Ginger: hot & protective
    Ginger makes runners fit, reports that Central European Journal of Immunology. It keeps the inflammation values ​​of endurance athletes low, thereby reducing the effects of fatigue due to training and protecting against infections.


  • A glass of beetroot juice before the run
    The nitrate content of the beets ensures that the muscles’ need for oxygen is reduced – this makes the load less tiring. The vessels are also widened and blood flow is improved.
  • Peanut butter for strong muscles
    Every now and then a peanut butter bread during the training phase helps your muscles in your legs to grow.
  • Chia seeds work wonders
    A daily dose of chia seeds gives us strength and endurance. They also support muscle regeneration.

Post-workout nutrition

After training is before the competition. In order for you to benefit from hard training on the next run, your behavior AFTERWARDS is crucial.

  • Drink, drink, drink
    Refuel immediately no later than 10 minutes after exercise. 300 – 500 ml (or more, depending on the duration and intensity). Iso drinks, fruit juices or whey are best for this. You can find more about optimal sports drinks (including a recipe to make yourself) on our blog.
  • Refill carbohydrate stores
    You should be consuming carbohydrates within an hour of your workout. Pay attention to quickly available carbohydrates (sports drinks, glucose, white bread, pasta …). Even if enough carbohydrates are supplied after the run, the stores are not yet completely filled. This can take up to 12 hours. So enjoy pasta, potatoes, rice & Co. the next day too.

Spaghetti Carbonara

  • Protein yes, fat no
    It is best to combine your carbohydrate portion with high-quality protein such as B. pasta, rice or potatoes with lean fish, meat or eggs and vegetables. Save on fat, however, as this will inhibit glycogen replenishment.


It is said that the actual increase in performance takes place in the recovery phases. The balance between stress and recovery is crucial for the development of your athletic performance.

Athlete stretching for regeneration

  • Sleep improves your pace
    The quality and quantity of your sleep are of great importance so that your body stays fit and can regenerate optimally. Only then are your muscles ready for the next run.
  • Take care of your muscles
    Runners are all too familiar with cramped and hard thighs and calves. So that they still remain efficient, do them something good and use a so-called foam roller. If you feel sore muscles, try these natural remedies for sore muscles.

So that you can go on your next run or competition are fit and can increase your pace, follow our nutrition tips for runners while exercising and give your body enough time for Regeneration.




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