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Review of Erno Laszlo’s Vitality Treatment Mask


BUTAs a beauty writer, my inbox is filled with hundreds of emails about the latest beauty products and trends at any given moment during the work week. Needless to say, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffling of things. But what always grabs my attention is products that have a cult following, a loyal waitlist or, in the case of Erno Laszlo Vitality Treatment Mask ($ 96) sell quickly. Unbeknownst to me, this particular mask has been dubbed the “Famous Pink Mask” (seriously, that’s what it’s called on Sephora) and has a very loyal fan base: one box is sold every 15 seconds.

It was only on this fact that I knew that I needed to put on my pants for testing and try the sensational skin care product. It was also the perfect time, because when I found out about the mask’s impressive sales performance, I had just gone through Chemical Peel VI, which meant my skin was in dire need of some skin care. There is nothing more revitalizing than a mask that promised to soothe, soothe, and smooth skin.

Beauty connoisseurs can’t keep this item in stock – that’s why. It has a unique formula that only activates after mixing, giving instant pleasure a whole new meaning. It consists of two parts: in the first stage, a liquid activator with provitamin B5 is used, and in the second stage, a mineral powder containing magnesium carbonate from pink clay, obtained from the Dead Sea, is used. You can play the scientist combining them (with the included spatula, of course) for about one minute, or until the mixture looks like your favorite chocolate mousse. Then you should apply a thick, even layer of the mask all over your skin and let it do its thing for 10-15 minutes before it flakes off.

I won’t lie to you and tell you that mixing the two is a Zen experience – it’s messy and powder will fly all over the place, but hey, there isn’t much that I wouldn’t go through looking for beautiful skin. However, the liquid and powder mixed quite easily and I liked using the applicator to apply the mask all over my face because it was applied evenly and accurately. The longer the mask was in the bowl, the thicker the mask became, which meant I had to act quickly, otherwise it was a little difficult to get the product evenly distributed over the skin. In terms of scent, the mask is nothing special, but I don’t mind if the scent is not included in the list of ingredients in my skin care products (in fact, I prefer it).

Having the formula on my face was one of the most unique experiences. The mask itself began to acquire an elastic texture and my skin became very cool. But instead of feeling like a water-based mask, it was exactly what a clay mask feels when it dries on the skin: hard, flaky, and the slightest facial expression makes the mask break (I noticed this especially in areas where I made a thin application ). However, unlike the clay mask, when the pieces of the mask fell off, they were not small pieces, but hard pieces that were actually cold to the touch. Caution: Allow the mask to dry completely before removing it, otherwise you will get a mess. Plus, once you’re ready to take it off, it’s unlikely that everything will be complete – that’s okay!

What I love most about this mask is that it induces a cooling endothermic reaction after application, temporarily lowering the temperature of the skin by seven degrees. The result is a radiant, soothing and smoother skin. I can confirm each of these claims, as even after one application, my skin felt extremely plump, smoother in tone and frankly softer than velvet. This was exactly what my skin needed after six days of feeling tight, itchy and flaky.

There are four disposable healing masks in the box, but I have a lot of formula left after mixing liquid and powder for what the brand claims was supposed to be one mask. You can definitely stretch each healing mask over two uses, which is $ 12 for eight disposable masks. Dear? Yeah. Worth it? Without a doubt. My dry skin has eaten this formula and I will definitely keep it on deck to replenish the moisture lost after exfoliation.

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