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The most gentle eye makeup remover for sensitive skin and eyes


I officially entered the part of 2020 when I paint my eyes solely so that my iPhone’s facial recognition function really knows who I am. Now that I regularly wear a little eyeliner and mascara (okay, once a week, may be), Now I also need to remove those ink stains and liners. Some formulas are like acid for the face, so to make my life easier, I chose the best gentle eye makeup remover.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for eye makeup removers. The harsh surfactants found in traditional soaps tend to be more aggressive around the eyes. Instead, you’ll want to choose either a cleansing oil or a water-suspended oil (often referred to as micellar water). To make things easier for you, I’ve collected some of the best below.

drunk elephant-slay-eye makeup remover
Photo: “ Drunken elephant ”

Drunk Elephant has raised the bar in all clear skincare categories, so the fact that the makeup remover is the best in its class is not a shock. Made with high quality fruit extracts and natural oils, this cleansing balm turns into milk upon contact with water and feels as soothing on the skin as it sounds. This product is proof that you don’t have to undress to get undressed, or at least when it comes to removing plaque from your eyes.

Buy Now: Drunk Elephant Slaai Melting Oil Makeup Cleanser, $ 34

Lancome makeup remover
Photo: Lancome

This award-winning makeup remover is the gold standard in its category. Its two-phase (oil and water) eliminates even the most stubborn waterproof mascara without causing the slightest bite, and leaves no mucus left to rinse off.

In Store: Lancome Bi-Facil Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover, $ 30

Bioderma make-up remover
Photo: Bioderma

It’s a 25-year-old iconic product that’s been hyped by celebrities, makeup artists and dermatologists alike. Somehow, magically, a bottle is sold all over the world every two seconds. Part of its charm is that while it seems simplistic, the formula is made up of only 10 ingredients, the proprietary formula is non-irritating.

In store: Bioderma Sensibio H20 micellar water, $ 15

dr-hauschka-eye makeup remover

Photo: Dr. Hauschka

This easy rose scent remover is made with natural ingredients such as sesame oil, sunflower oil and fennel seed extract. It’s not the hardest task of all, but what it lacks in aggression is compensated for by affection – a very embarrassing way of saying it calms AF.

In store: Eye Makeup Remover Dr. Hauschka, $ 20

Simple eye makeup remover pads

Photo: Simple

Real conversation: wipes / pads are not Best an option when it comes to the environment, but also a real talk about how sometimes you just can’t take care of properly cleaning your sink. When flushing is not possible for any reason, this is the favorite editor. They are effective and do not contain any of the isolating ingredients commonly found in similar products, so your face appears refreshed and not jaded after application. They are also great if you prefer a non-greasy makeup remover.

In Store: Simple Eye Makeup Removal Pads, $ 4

Photo: Farmacy

This is another iconic product that not only cleanses with natural ingredients like ginger root oil, turmeric and moringa extract, but also gently exfoliates with papaya extract. The balm turns into oil when hand warmed and helps a little – which means it’s really cost effective despite the addition of premium ingredients. Plus, it smells great thanks to the essential oils of orange, bergamot and lime.

Buy Now: Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Remover Balm, $ 34

Klorane Eye Makeup Remover
Photo: Cloran

This old-fashioned cleanser uses cornflower blue water to remove impurities from skin, including cosmetics, obviously while relieving inflammation and irritation.

In store: Klorane cornflower eye makeup remover, $ 16

Photo: InstaNatural

If you like Farmacy Balm but are stingy with pennies, then this offer from Insta Natural is the best solution. It’s slightly thicker than the Farmacy variant and takes a little more effort to rinse off, but it’s also clean and nourishing so it won’t hurt to be absorbed into the skin. (Plus, it’s better than a drying cleanser and / or the need for a scrub.) Plus, if you like rose scents – my personal favorite – it smells pretty balm, which is a bomb.

In Store: Insta Natural Rose Purifying Makeup Balm, $ 18

one love-organic-enzyme-cleansing-oil
Photo: One Love Organics

This dry skin friendly oil is rich in natural oils rich in B vitamins and contains papaya extract for gentle exfoliation. It can be used as a complete cleanser or applied specifically to areas of makeup. It also smells like a tropical getaway that was not there this year – strong pineapple notes.

Buy Now: One Love Enzyme Cleansing Oil, $ 42

flapping disclosure
Photo: Mahalo

This is an ultra-premium eye makeup remover for those looking for a day in luxury. The no-wipe butter cleanser ingredient list sounds like a naturalist’s dream and includes arnica, neem, mango butter, cocoa butter, argan oil, green tea leaf, pumpkin seed oil, ginger oil, rosemary extract, and more. And while the price isn’t for the faint of heart, a small amount matters a lot: a pearl-sized amount is all that’s recommended for every use.

Buy Now: Mahalo The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate, $ 70

Photo: Dr. Alcalits

This decadent cleanser is made with seven cold-pressed oils, including almond, jojoba, baobab, pomegranate seeds, castor seeds, amaranth seeds, and vitamin E. So it moisturizes, cleans, softens and strengthens even your lashes with every rub. …

In Store: New Revitalizing Eye & Face Makeup Remover Dr Alkaitis, $ 55

tatcha cleansing oil
Photo: Tatcha

When you want to “cover your face” but don’t literally, This gentle Tatcha oil is nourishing, not streaking, making it especially ideal for mature / dry / winter skin. Its stellar ingredients are Japanese camellia oil, which has been popular for centuries and is super nutritious, and a proprietary blend of three little-known Tatcha ingredients for extremely transparent results.

Buy Now: Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, $ 48

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