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The optional CoverFX cleanser can be used in two ways


WRinsing your face is such an important part of your daily skincare routine that some professionals will advise you to do it twice. In fact, “double cleansing” has become an appropriate part of the skin conversation, and many of us, myself included, have come to rely on two steps (and essentially two products) to keep our face clean. … But at a time when we’re all trying to cut down on our daily routine, devoting that amount of time, money, and shelf space to the basic face wash is a pleasure … additional. With this in mind, the CoverFX team decided to develop the brand’s first ever skincare product: the “dual cleanser”, which is a two-to-one formula.

Traditional double cleansing requires an initial make-up removal (which is usually done with an oil-based product or micellar water on a cotton pad), followed by a full lather and rinse to really clean up any dirt and impurities lurking in your pores. … But thanks to the revolutionary formula CoverFX Future Perfect Water-Optional Cleanser ($ 32), it can work like both.

“It is liquid at first, but it turns into foam as it passes through the pump, allowing it to be used with or without water,” says Natalie Maniwong, brand vice president of global omnichannel marketing. When used without water, it acts as a makeup remover, removing even the most stubborn mascara. When you lather it with a little good old H2O, you can penetrate even deeper into the skin for a deep cleansing.

In terms of ingredients, it contains plant-based amino acids to help remove impurities without damaging the skin, as well as moisturizing grapefruit, cucumber and chamomile, as well as a soothing oat extract. Unlike other cleansers that are designed to be rinsed off, the waterless version is designed to stay on the skin. And this, according to Maniwong, has several advantages. “We wanted to make sure it removes makeup without removing any of the elements needed to protect your skin barrier,” she says. “The oil extract will stay on your skin and really help it in the long term, while the botanical base will protect your skin from aggressive environmental factors.” This also means the formula is free from harsh surfactants that, if left on the skin for too long, can cause irritation.

Considering we’re all looking for ways to save time, money and shelf space, this product can help you cut down on unnecessary additional-Ost in all three areas.

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