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This classic holiday gift guide will bookmark your entire list


Finding the perfect gift for your loved one is sometimes more difficult than necessary. Sure, you want to find what they really like, but it’s important to remember that this doesn’t always take a lot of work in the process. In the end, some gifts bring everyone’s satisfaction. Whether your loved one loves making homemade purges, loves a home filled with delicious fragrances, loves luxurious skincare, or craves a little extra comfort for arguably the craziest 365 days in the past 50+ years, I’ll discover the best a selection from our holiday gift guide to keep them as happy as possible this season.

Diptyque is loved for its deliciously scented candles and equally pleasing packaging. While the brand offers all sorts of gift sets this time of year, one of the best gifts is Baies’ best-selling candle, simple and simple. Once it burns out, the jar remains a beautiful piece that can be cleaned out and reused – which many bloggers and beauty lovers do with chic candles.

Buy now: Candle Diptyque Baies, $ 71

Photo: Dyson

Yes, this is an impressive price tag – no doubt about that. However, once you find that this hairdryer removes water from your hair in minutes, it’s well worth it. The brand has also recently expanded its line of attachments that let you style all hair types quickly and easily without compromising on other dryers.

Store: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $ 400.

holiday gift guide
Photo: Parachute

For those looking for extra comfort this holiday season, fan-favorite Parachute bedding is here to take care of you. While you can buy individual sheets, topsheets, and pillowcases, this set is a great base. It includes one sheet and two pillowcases, both insanely soft.

Buy now: Parachute Matte Cotton Sheets Set, $ 149 +

Photo: Ugg

ICYMI: UGG is in full swing again. While we have all probably wore short-lined boots and slippers in our homes for years, now 00s silhouettes are once again dominating the street style scene. Hey, can you blame us? When it comes to next level comfort, they are the main contenders. Which is why these plush slippers are sure to make your BFF / Mom / anyone who opens them squeal with joy when they open them this holiday season.

Buy now: UGG Coquette Slippers, $ 120

Photo: La Mer

Winter is known for being dry. So, for the skincare aficionado of your group of friends, you simply can’t go wrong with this celebrity favorite. It costs quite a lot when buying a full-size jar of Crème de la Mer, beautiful penny, this set offers a comprehensive view of the luxury skincare brand. Includes four of the brand’s most popular products, including The Concentrate, The Eye Concentrate, Crème de la Mer and The Lip Balm. Which ultimately means your skincare loving best friend will love it.

Buy now: La Mer Calming Moisturizing Collection, $ 375

Photo: Pura

Sure, holiday candles are a great gift idea, but if you want to give your loved one a more lasting scent, consider this Pura holiday box. As a reminder, Pura Home Fragrance Diffuser is a Wi-Fi compatible diffuser that connects to an app on your phone to create a personalized scent in your home. Users can not only choose different scents for different times of the day, but also customize the diffuser glow (or even refuse light altogether). Best of all, this gift box contains four delicious holiday fragrances, including Frasier Fir by Thymes, Holiday by NEST New York, Tinsel & Spice by Capri Blue, and Champagne by LAFCO New York.

Buy now: Pura Holiday Gift Box.99 dollars (value 114 dollars)

Photo: Weezie

Does your loved one constantly have to change their makeup towels because the stains just don’t move? With these navy blue machine washable towels, they won’t have to worry about stains. Also, how cute are the different designs?

Buy now: Weezie Makeup Towels, $ 40

Photo: Bearaby

Last but not least, we have the iconic Weighted Blanket loved by celebrities, influencers and ordinary people. Just in time for the holidays, Bearaby brought back the sold-out Velvet Napper, only this time in precious tones that are sure to add luxury to any room. Aside from looking good, they actually promote better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety – something we could all use in 2020, right?

Buy now: Velvet diaper Bearaby, $ 279

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