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Try Dentist’s 10 Second Mask To Fight Breathing


No no matter how hard I try to brush and floss, I just can’t get rid of the “mouth mask”. A few minutes after I put on my PPE, I’m pretty disgusted by the smell of my own bad breath. But according to Scott Young, DDS, all I have to do to fix this once and for all is buy a tongue scraper.

“Scraping the tongue can help prevent bad breath by helping to remove odor-causing bacteria that colonize the tongue,” he explains. “Removing bacteria from your tongue with a tongue scraper can help remove sulfur compounds from your mouth and reduce the bad breath you feel in your mask.” Just as you want the bacteria that cause bad odor to be prevented from entering the rest of your body (which we all know is a basic element of a regular shower), so is your tongue.

Now due to wearing a mask, bad breath our problem (not everyone else on this note: sorry everyone I’ve ever kissed or talked to intimately), stopping it is as easy as adding one extra step to your routine. “The tongue scraper can be used daily after brushing and flossing your teeth properly,” says Dr. Young. “It needs to be applied carefully, starting from the back of the tongue forward, rinsing and repeating. You should never press on it so hard that it is painful or causes bleeding. ” Professional advice? Do this while there is still toothpaste on your tongue for freshness.

What if you want your mask to smell even sweeter every time you put it on? Try applying a few drops of essential oil inside. “Applying essential oil to a mask can have a huge impact on your mood,” Amy Halper, former founder of the New York Institute for Aroma Research, told Well + Good. And what else? “Smell can have a profound effect on our state of mind, and of course these wild, uncertain days are stressful for everyone.”

Although masks are optional, you need to sniff the debris underneath. is an, so do scraping for a reason.


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