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What you need to know about dehydration wrinkles, also known as “wrinkles”


WWe all know what wrinkles look like, and thanks to information from a dermatologist on the benefits of peptides and retinol (and, yes, botox), we also know how to reduce their symptoms, if we so wish. But one thing you may not know? Wrinkles have an almost identical counterpart called “wrinkles,” which takes a completely different course of action to correct – leaving your usual skin-firming ingredients almost completely outdated.

Unlike standard wrinkles, which occur when the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin is slowed down, wrinkles are caused by dehydration. “I believe that a ‘wrinkle’ is an early type of wrinkle – a fold or crease in the skin that comes and goes, but is not permanent,” says Caroline Robinson, MD, board certified dermatologist and founder Tonal dermatology… “It has more to do with a decrease in the number of water molecules, rather than a loss of collagen.”

Think of these dehydration lines as a little sister to deal with your classic wrinkles more easily. “Over time, they can lead to wrinkles, but not permanently,” says Dr. Robinson, adding that in order to treat them properly, you must first know how to detect them. “The skin itself often appears dull and shows more lines than usual,” she says. Before you double the amount of wrinkle treatment serums, she suggests moisturizing your skin properly first to see if that helps reduce the appearance of any wrinkles you see. If that works, you are probably dealing with wrinkles.

In this case, continually increasing skin hydration is the key to maintaining a smooth complexion. “If your skin is constantly hydrated, you are helping to prevent wrinkles in the first place, as well as doing something healthy for your skin,” says Dr. Robinson. “The most effective way to moisturize your skin is to use moisturizing serums and moisturizers with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin.”

Her choice for doing the job? ISDIN Hyaluronic Concentrate ($ 98). “It contains both low and medium weight hyaluronic acids that attract water to both the upper and deeper layers of the skin,” says Dr. Robinson. “It also contains BioMarine, which helps smooth skin and fill in wrinkles. The peptides in the formula also help rejuvenate collagen and prevent future wrinkles. ” It has exactly what you need to get rid of wrinkles and ensures that you never again spend money on wrinkle treatments that your skin doesn’t really need.


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