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What you need to know about using sugar wax at home


Tthere is no such thing as a “perfect” hair removal method. Waxing is painful, shaving leaves stubble and ingrown hairs, and the cost of a laser is often equal to the down payment on an apartment in New York (not to mention the fact that it is still does not work on all skin tones). Regardless of how you slice it, if you want smooth, hairless skin, the most common practices require you to suffer because of it. But according to the pros, there is one method you can try at home that is as close to “perfect” as possible when removing hair, and that is sugar wax. Keep reading to learn more about what sugar wax is and why the pros implore you not to try to make your own sugar wax recipe at home.

What is Sugar Wax?

“Sugar wax is a natural wax made up of three simple ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice,” says Salome Sallehi, Founder and President of Sugar Sugar Wax. Although the ingredients are simple, the mixing process can vary greatly, which is why professionals recommend sticking to ready-made formulas rather than trying to prepare them yourself.

Old school sugar wax had a liquid honey-like consistency (similar to that of traditional wax), but newer, more elegant formulas are thicker and fall into the “hard wax” category, which can be stripped off without using a paper strip. “This type of sugaring wax is applied by hand and the formula holds well enough to be removed and reused,” says Sallehi. “This application is much softer on the skin and removes hair more effectively without damaging the follicles.”

Benefits of sugar wax

When it comes to choosing a hair removal method, you are usually faced with a “pick your poison” situation where you have to choose between cuts and ingrowths (shaving), pain and damaged skin (waxing), or wasting thousands of dollars. (laser). “With shugaring, you don’t have any of these problems,” says Sallehi. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Painless

The biggest check on sugar hair removal in the pros column comes from the fact that, unlike other methods of hair removal, it is relatively painless for hair removal. “The sugar and citric acid from lemon juice form a bond that adheres tightly to dead skin and hair so it doesn’t pull on living skin cells,” says Sallehi. This makes it painless and gentle on the skin, which means there is no reaction or irritation like traditional waxing. ” It can be used on sensitive skin, so if you cannot use traditional wax, sugar wax is a good alternative.

2. Good for the skin.

In addition to being non-irritating, sugar wax is also good for the skin as it exfoliates gently. “Whether you use it on your face or body, this mechanism also makes sugaring a great exfoliator for the skin, so you don’t get ingrown hairs when sugared,” says Sallehi. Sugar is known to be one of the least abrasive physical exfoliators and will leave your skin smooth and hairless for several weeks after your procedure.

3. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Because sugar wax is removed in the same direction your hair grows (as opposed to regular wax, which tears in the opposite direction), professionals say hair supposedly grows back more slowly. “This practice results in less than 10 percent hair breakage, averaging six to eight weeks,” says Sallehi. Since the hair is handled with great care, it becomes thinner and thinner again, and over time, some of it does not grow back at all. Another benefit: you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow back for the sugar wax to become effective, so you don’t have to deal with those awkward gaps between weeks of peach fuzz.

Why you shouldn’t make a DIY sugar wax recipe at home

The fact that there are many DIY sugar wax recipes on the Internet does not mean that any of them are worth using. “I have seen hundreds of DIY sugaring recipes on the Internet and knowing that I know what it takes to make the formula work, I can tell you that they are still far away,” says Sallehi. “If you are going to wax at home yourself, you will most likely end up with a honey-like liquid consistency for which you will need strips and spatulas, so you probably won’t see all the benefits and will be like waxing at home.” … And as Amber Johnson, a California beautician known as Whispering Skin, put it, “mdoing it at home is a disaster. ” So leave the product wording to the professionals and choose something like Glow Goop Sugar Wax ($ 36) to get the job done.

How to use sugar wax

1. Heat the wax.

Before applying wax to your skin, make sure it is at the right temperature for optimal results. “When you warm it up a little, you want it to be soft enough that you can dig in with a little effort and scoop out the lump,” says Sallehi. “A lot of people might heat it up too much, thinking it should have the consistency of traditional wax, but if you can manage to dip your fingers into a jar, it’s warm enough.” Keep in mind that every time you dip into the jar it will heat up, so a little harshness at the beginning of the wax session is good.

2. Make sure the wax surface is completely dry.

Since sugar wax is water soluble, if there is moisture in the area you are trying to apply it to, it will not stick. “The natural reaction of the skin to hair removal is sweating,” says Sallehi. After you towel dry your skin, apply baby powder or something similar to dry the skin completely throughout the process.

3. Try the “triple pull technique.”

When it’s time to actually wax, you’ll want to apply the product to your skin and apply a triple pull technique to remove it, which Sallehi calls the “key to success.” “When you apply sugaring wax, pull it against the direction of hair growth and sweep over the same area three times before quickly brushing it off. [in the direction of the hair growth]- says Sallehi. Johnson adds that “it’s all about moving your hand,” so you may have to practice a few times to get it right. What if your hair doesn’t come off with one wave of your hand? Don’t worry – since the wax is so delicate, you can simply sweep over the area as many times as you need until it is smooth and hairless.

To learn more about home hair removal, watch the video below.


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