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Why Augustine Bader is “the best skin care in the world”


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Moisturizer is the oldest trick for healthy skin. Cleopatra has been known to bathe in milk, and the ancient Greeks and Romans have been known to apply skin cleansers by hand to the skin. Over the past few centuries, we have seen many ways to soften and revitalize skin. So when Dr.Augustinus Bader quietly launched his eponymous line in 2017 with two moisturizers – The Cream and The Rich Cream – it didn’t look groundbreaking. After all, these products fell into a category teeming with options. Fast forward three years, and these products have established themselves as innovations that only appear once in a generation, and the line has even earned a reputation as “the best skincare in the world.”

Dr. Bader originally developed the technology in his popular skin care line to be used for burn victims, as the active ingredients have helped reduce patients’ need for skin grafts and other scar treatments. It took two years of persuasion before Dr. Bader agreed to reimagine the technology into something that could be made available to the general public through a skincare product. “My partner, Charles Rosier, had the idea to apply this technology to consumer skincare products to fund my research. He thought that if technology could transform burnt skin into perfect skin, then that know-how could be used to develop innovative skin care products to help get rid of wrinkles, ”says Dr. Bader. “I started prototyping a skin care product for some patients with problem or fragile skin, and the creams really did affect people and they kept coming back asking for more.”

What makes the products so special is that Dr. Bader and his scientists use epigenetic technologies to deliver nutrients to specific parts of cells in order to alter the expression of their DNA, effectively catalyzing their self-repair. “Our skin care technology works with its own internal skin repair code, delivering a variety of active ingredients that target and target skin cells,” says Dr. Bader of the underlying proprietary Trigger Factor 8 Complex (TFC8). all brand products. “The complex naturally supports the skin to undergo an optimal remodeling process, and when you can, you will be able to influence the epigenetic factors that allow the body to correct your skin according to its needs.”

What started as two moisturizers now includes eight products, including cleansers, oils and body lotions. “We combine a deep respect for nature and biology with a knowledge-based focus on the skin’s regeneration needs,” says Dr. Bader. “Modern science has given us a better understanding of cellular functions when it comes to skin repair. Based on this information and our internal research, we only release products that offer real solutions to our customers. ” Looking ahead, the brand plans to develop “new product options based on our physiological protection and care concepts,” and Dr. Bader is also working to adjust its formulations to meet the specific needs of the skin.

But there are many skin improvement products out there at the moment. Scroll to shop for innovative formulations for yourself – after all, your skin deserves as much as the world’s finest products.


Augustine Bader Cream – $ 265


Recognized as “the best skin care product of all time,” this moisturizer moisturizes the skin as well as solves many other problems. With its epigenetic technology, it works with your cells to fix any complexion issues you are dealing with. It helps reduce signs of aging, even out discoloration, smooth texture, reduce scarring and protect against oxidative stress.

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Augustinus Bader Rich Cream – $ 265


The rich version of the brand’s moisturizer is slightly thicker than the original and is great for dry or dehydrated skin. It offers all of the same benefits and makes the skin stronger and fuller, and has recently been redesigned to be even. more effective.

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Augustinus Bader Cleansing Balm – $ 70.


Formulated with skin-nourishing avocado and olive oils, this Vitamin E Squalane Cleansing Balm removes dirt and makeup without damaging the skin. It uses the same epigenetic technology as the brand’s moisturizers and creates the optimal environment for your cell renewal and repair.

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Augustine Bader Facial Oil – $ 230


This healing oil is the perfect finishing touch to any skin care routine. It is formulated with Argan, Hazelnut and Karanji oils to provide antioxidant protection without leaving a greasy feel. The formula helps strengthen the skin’s barrier and offers anti-aging properties that improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel – $ 65


This cleanser is like three products for the price of one. It is a gel first, then dissolves in milk when it mixes with water, and finally forms a lather when you massage its face. It works on all skin types, and after rinsing off the dirt and oil, it helps to tighten pores and improve elasticity.

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Augustinus Bader The Body Cream – $ 165


Augustinus Bader launched a body cream in 2019 as a way to bring the brand’s technology to the neck skin. “It offers textural diversity, first-class moisturizing properties, sun care and most importantly the most effective and clinically proven restorative properties on the market,” says Dr. Bader. Our editors I swear by things because it is thick and moisturizing, but not sticky, and every time you apply it it feels like a luxurious body treatment.

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Augustinus Bader Body Lotion – $ 95


If you prefer a lighter lotion over a thick cream, you can’t go wrong with this formula. It is easily absorbed into your complexion and helps relieve any signs of stress your skin may be experiencing.

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Augustine Bader Body Butter – $ 95


If your skin needs a little more love, consider adding this body oil as the last step in your daily routine. It is made with potent plant extracts such as argan and olive oils to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation, leaving skin plump and smoother.

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