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ZitSticka Blur Potion Eliminate Hyperpigmentation With Pills


Hyperpigmentation is known to be one of the most difficult skin problems to treat. While some people see success with topical ingredients such as retinoids and hydroxy acids, others have to seek help from dermatological drugs such as lasers and chemical peels. But even the “best” options have their limits, especially for darker skin tones. With the latest version of Zitsticka, the brand has released its new Blur Potion add-on ($ 60), offering a formula infused with antioxidants for even bleaching from the inside out.

Unlike topical hydroxy acids, which fight superficial hyperpigmentation, this supplement is supposed to work in the opposite direction from most of our products. “When your skin does not receive the internal nutrients it needs to heal, there is a limit to wilting and regeneration that can be achieved with topical products, ”says Terry Lung, M.D., a certified dermatologist working with the brandSix Clinically Tested Antioxidantsthe substances in Blur Potion are able to eliminate root imbalances and optimize the internal systems of the body to ensure effective wilting and regeneration from the outside. ”

Sun damage is one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation (with acne scars appearing almost immediately), and antioxidants in general are known to increase your skin’s natural defenses against UV rays. But, according to Dr. Lung, each of the antioxidants selected for this supplement goes beyond standard preventative measures, offering benefits for treating hyperpigmentation as well. According to the brand, for example, oligopine has been shown to help reduce melanin deposition, reuse vitamin C in the body to induce collagen production, and regenerate vitamin E to accelerate skin repair. beta-carotene accelerates cell turnover; grape seed extract reduces pigmentation caused by UV radiation; Vitamin E works against skin degradation and inhibits tyrosinase, which is the main cause of hyperpigmentation; and luetin and zeaxanthin block the formation of melanin pathways to even out skin tone, ostensibly improving hydration and elasticity.

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The effectiveness of the supplement has been tested on a wide range of skin tones and, according to Dr. Lung, “most users, regardless of skin color, have seen clear results in the form of hyperpigmentation disappearing after three months.” She notes that results can differ from person to person and that the longer you had hyperpigmentation, the harder it was to completely disappear.

For best results, Dr. Lung recommends integrating the supplement into your daily routine along with topical treatment for hyperpigmentation. “Cytstics The HYPERFADE patch is the perfect complement for fading on the outside, and a high-quality, high-performance retinoid will also speed up the process, ”she says. “Vitamin C serum also works great in tandem with benzoyl peroxide.”

While taking a daily supplement to treat hyperpigmentation may seem too good to be true, in this case, science – and the brand’s before and after photos – indicate that it is worth a try.


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